Startach is a volunteer-based social venture aimed at developing and promoting technological solutions that will assist different groups in the Israeli society.
We are a non-profit startup. Our exit is not measured in terms of economic success but rather in entrepreneurship and the creation of technological solutions whose sole purpose is to help change the society and the environment for the better.
Startach consists of volunteers with a wide range of skills: characterization, design, software development, project management and marketing.
We acquire our funding through support and technological development for organizations that contribute to the community in different ways, or by creating projects that arise from needs we recognize.

Projects currently in the works:


Yedidim Badrachim

“Friends on the Road”- is an organization which grants non-medical first aid support, without costs, to people on the road and in a variety of different areas all year round. The organization provides help for thousands of Israeli citizens by helping fix flat tires, providing field rescue, extraction of children from locked cars, elevator rescue, etc. This year alone the organization aided more than 180,000 citizens in the country. The developments provided by Startach allows the organization to expand more easily both to new volunteers
and to people in need.


 Ma’apecha Shel Simha

“The Happiness Revolution” - The organization provides dozens of volunteers every day to different hospitals all over the country whose sole purpose is to cheer the patients using music, sweets and lots of good will thus bringing a smile to the patients and their families. Startach helps manage the volunteers and create the best experience for both the volunteers and the patients. To do that we developed a software application which allows the volunteers to sign up according to location, activity and time thus providing a framework to manage the large number of volunteers. This application is a power multiplier to the organization’s influence and expansion abilities.

Future projects:

  • Hazala  - “Rescue” – this organization provides necessary medical first aid. We would provide them with a platform like that of Yedidim which would allow them to manage on-call personnel all over the country.
  • Mehubarim La’Chaim – “Connected to Life” - this organization transports medicine and medical supplies all over the world. Up until now the organization used WhatsApp application to manage their business. Startach would provide them with a platform to do so more efficiently.
  • Zrichim Mashu – “Need Something” – A non-profit organization with more than 250,000 active volunteers. We would provide them with a management platform to organize all their activities.
  • Mitnadvim Be’eretz HaChaim – “Volunteering in the Living Country” – A non-profit Which allows the citizens of the country to support families in need of hospital care, companionship, a place to sleep, security, etc. Soon, Startach would provide them with a software platform to manage the volunteering community and more.
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